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  • PAL, v. 3.4 new features:

    PAL, v. 3.4 new features: Library Avenue support. Upgrade your PAL library catalog for online viewing at your Library Avenue web site (free with PAL Starter Kit)

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  • PAL, v.3.3 (10-29-99) new features: What New Features are in Oct.29,1999 Release of PAL, v.3.3?

    The following features were added to the October 29,1999 release of PAL, v.3.3: 1. New: "Regenerate All Indexes" feature: 2. "Media Types" Panel field format change: The "Overdue fines per day" field in the "Media Types" Panel can now be set to zero for those libraries not wanting to keep a record of overdue fines. Formerly some value had to be entered in this field in order to save the record. It was designed like that so libraries would not inadvertently fail to set a fine amount. However, recently, one library has requested the ability to set this to zero. 3. New: "Print Catalog Menu": Three new reports have been added to the program which permit printing out the entire catalog of library items sorted by title, by author, or by subject. From the Main Menu choose "7" ("Catalogers Menu"), then choose "6" ("Catalogers Reports"), then choose "6" ("Print Catalog Menu") to reach these three reports. Unlike other PAL reports these three new reports allow the user to set margins, choose to print to screen, to disk or to printer, and to set search conditions. After choosing "1", "2", or "3" (for reports for items sorted by title, by author, or by subject, respectively) a user set-up screen will appear before the report is run.

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  • Types of Libraries: Can PAL be used in other types of libraries besides school libraries?

    Yes. Although PAL is designed for a school library, it should function well in any type of library. PAL has several features which are (probably) appropriate only for a school library. For example, the catalog panel has a field for "Grade level" (which you could ignore in operation), the Patron Panel has a "Permission slip?" field and another feature indicates what class the patron is in (e.g., "3rd Grade, Mrs Fields"). However, we can "hide" these features which may be inappropriate for your library at no additional charge. Make sure you email us and let us know that this is what you want (immediately when you order). More extensive customizations to the program are also available (depending, of course on what is involved) for a reasonable fee.

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  • What is PAL?

    PAL, v.3.3 is a full-featured automation system suited for the school library seeking a simple and economical automation solution. It was written by a professional librarian with the layperson-user in mind. PAL is an industrial-strength program which can accomodate up to 16 million records per panel (e.g, catalog items). Also, PAL is networkable, so that users, departments, and libraries can share data simultaneously (and we are currently working on adding the capability of porting library catalogs to the web through the Library Avenue School Library Consortium ( However, PAL, by its design, is intended for the small K-12 school library. Our niche market is the many private school libraries not receiving public funding - with a limited budget for their libraries.

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  • What libraries use PAL?

    PAL customers include libraries in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Mariana Islands, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Canada, Mexico, and here in California (we also have installations overseas in United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mongolia and Nigeria).

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