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  • Adding new classes: With the new school year, we have some new students and of course, those entered in the bar code system have moved up a grade. The "class" in the system starts at 1A through 6. We have PK (Pre-kindergarten) K (kindergarten) and also grades 7 and 8. I have tried to enter these 4 grades into the system, and apparently I am not doing it right. How is this done?

    The class's are completely customizable for your school. From the Main Menu enter "11"("Administration") then the password "0". Then choose "6" ("All Panels"). On the list of panels choose "13" ("Class Info"). From here you can delete classes you don't want, edit existing class records (by pressing F6 to go from browse mode to edit mode at the record you want to edit), or create new records (by pressing F9 to go from browse mode to create mode, and then filling in the fields as appropriate for your school).

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