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  • "At a glance" what has not been returned: How can you tell 'at a glance' what books have not been returned without going to each patron individually?

    There are two ways to do this "at a glance": 1. In the catalog panel, in browse mode (the default mode), press ALT-F2 key combination twice. (The ALT-F2 key combination, unlike using the TAB or ENTER keys, lets you reach all fields, even fields for which you do not enter data (it is entered automatically from a formula). The cursor should now be on the single character field "Circ Hist". Press the UpArrow key (to do an UpArrow lookup on the field) and type "1". (When "1" is in this field it means that the item is still checked out. "0" in this field means that it is not checked out.) All of the records from the first "1" till the end are items that are still checked out. 2. In the Check-Out's panel you can also use the ALT-F2 key combination to reach the "Returned" field, and do an UpArrow lookup on that field. If the field is blank then the item has not yet been returned.

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