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  • What is Softaculous?

    We've added SOFTACULOUS auto installer to all of our hosting accounts. Similar to Fantastico - but with many more scripts available (260 scripts) - Softaculous is accessed via your CPanel interface. Install to your website: Forums, Calendars, Polls & Surveys, blogs, wiki's, Educational scripts, RSS feeds, Audio and Video scripts and many, many more - with just a few mouse clicks! (Contact us if you need assistance with any installations.)
    to see demos of scripts that will make your library website really stand out from the crowd!

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  • Please list the security levels for PAL.

    Security level 0: Go to Main Menu
    Security level 1: Go to Catalog Panel with rights to add, and edit records (but not delete records)
    Security level 5: Go to Circulation Menu
    Security level 51: Go to public catalog panel (records cannot be added, deleted or changed
    Security leve 21: Go to public access menu
    Security level 25: Go to Self-checkout menu (use with pal0.exe instead of pal.exe)
    Security level 45: Go to Inventory Panel

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  • How to make public terminal for library patrons to view catalog information?

    Choice "11" from the Main Menu goes to Administrator's Menu ("0" is password). Then Choice "2" to UserID Panel ("0" is password). Create User ID for PUB, leave password field blank (for no password)and enter 51 for security level.Now, when you log into the database using PUB (with no password) you will see the catalog screen but no data can be deleted or changed. It is for your library patrons to view catalog only.

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  • Deleting User ID: How do I delete a User ID?

    Choice "11" from the Main Menu goes to Administrator's Menu ("0" is password). Then Choice "2" to UserID Panel ("0" is password). Then do UpArrow lookup on User ID's. You can add new ones or delete any existing ones. Note that the "Security Level" means the Main Menu level. For example, the "CIR" User ID is set at security level "5" which, on the Main Menu, is the Circulation Menu. Try entering the program with User ID of CIR. You will only see the Circulation menu and have no access to the Main Menu or other panels. This is useful if your library has volunteers doing, say, cataloging and you don't want them to have access to, say, circulation records or Patron Information records.

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  • Patron ID numbers: Is it possible for me to assign specific ID numbers for the patrons?

    Yes, just type the ID into the patron ID field in the Patron Information Panel.

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  • PAL with or without library cards: Does PAL work without Patron ID cards? Can I just use their ID numbers?

    Yes. the program will generate an ID on its own, or you can override this with your own ID (remember, though that each patron ID MUST be unique).

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  • Adding new User ID's: How do I add a new user (and password)?

    From the Administrator's Menu press menu choice # "2" and password "0", to go to the USER ID panel. Enter your own USER ID's and passwords. Security Level "0" means that the user can enter the program at the main menu level. Security level "5" means that the user would go directly to the Circulation Menu and exit the program on exiting the Circulation Menu, never having access to other parts of the program, etc..

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