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  • My catalog panel incorrectly says a book is checked out when it is actually on the shelf

    The feature of showing "checked out" or "On Shelf" in the catalog panel could cause problems when particular records are deleted. For example, if you delete a patron while that patron still has items checked out.

    There is now (as of June 2011) a report you can use to correct catalog records which incorrectly say "Checked Out".

    From Main Menu choose "11" Administrator's Menu" then "5" for the reports menu. The new report is # 9 (password is 0).
    This report will give you a lookup of catalog records (sorted first by "Checked Out").
    If one is incorrect simply press ENTER key and it will correct that record.

    If you require a version of PAL with this report please contact us by email (

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  • How do I prevent PAL from making other programs run slowly by grabbing CPU resources

    When PAL is run under Windows NT, 2000, or XP, it may take over most or all of your system's CPU resources, and cause Windows applications to run slowly. By far the most effective way to prevent this problem is to install and use a utility called Tame (see information about Tame at the following URL:

    You can download Tame from the following URL:

    If for some reason you prefer not to use Tame, then you can reduce the effects of the problem by modifying your PAL shortcut in the following way: Right-click on the PAL shortcut icon (or on the program itself in Windows Explorer if you do not have a shortcut icon); select Properties; go to the Misc tab; and move the Idle sensitivity slider all the way to (or near) High (on the right end of the slider). This change may affect the performance of PAL itself, so experiment before choosing a semi-permanent setting.

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  • ALT-F5 (to delete multiple records in PAL) - and sometimes other keystrokes on other machines - doesn't work on my system (Windows XP)

    If Ctrl-F4 and other function keys do not perform their correct functions in PAL, you almost certainly have InterVideo WinCinema Manager or other InterVideo software running in the background, with an InterVideo icon in the Windows system tray (the panel at the far right of the taskbar at the foot of the screen). To regain the use of the function keys, use the Windows Start Menu, then Run..., then enter MSCONFIG, go to the Startup tab, and disable the InterVideo program by removing the checkbox to the left of its name. Restart your computer. You will still be able to use the InterVideo software, but you will not be able to run it by clicking an icon in the system tray.

    If, in a similar way, Alt-F5 or Alt-F10 does not perform its correct function, you probably have an ATI video card with software that interferes with Alt-F5 or an Acer computer with a backup program that takes over Alt-F10. Use the procedure described in the preceding paragraph to regain Alt-F5 by disabling the program called ATIPTAXX.exe, or to regain Alt-F10 by disabling the program CHECK.exe. Restart your computer to regain these function keys for PAL or other DOS programs.

    Other programs may also seize control of function keys that you wish to use with PAL. I have no way of knowing exactly which programs are at fault. The only way to find out is to run the MSCONFIG program as described above, and test each program that is listed on the startup tab by removing its checkbox (one at a time!) and restarting Windows to see if the function key you want has been restored. If you still cannot use the function key you want, run MSCONFIG again, restore the checkbox next to the program you tested, and clear the checkbox next to the program that follows it on the list; restart Windows. Continue until you find the program that has seized control of the function key.

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  • Error #556: Whenever I try to enter a book into the system, error #556 appears. A message indicates that the program is exiting in order to prevent damage to the database.

    An error that begins with 55 means that the index has gotten out of order. The indexes need to be regenerated. The .IND file should be deleted. Do the following: If your program is in the C:\PAL directory go to this directory (folder) and delete the file PAL.IND. (You can do this using Windows Explorer (right click on the file and click on delete), if you run PAL under Windows or from the DOS prompt (type DEL C:\PAL\PAL.IND). Now, the next time you start PAL, it will say that the index file is not found and ask you to regenerate indexes (choice "1"). Press "1". Now after a few seconds it will ask you to re-create the indexes for all files (choice "3"). Press "3". It will ask for a password. Press "0" (your Administrator's password) and then the [Enter] key. After a while (depending on how large your database is) you will see the screen you usually see asking for your User ID and Password. Enter these as usual and it should work OK.

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  • Tech support: Do you offer telephone technical support?

    No, except for a true emergency (323-782-4985). Because we're not a big impersonal organization, we don't have a dedicated call center. We'd like to be able to talk to each and every customer personally. However, we'd have to take on lots more staff to do so. This would make it impossible for us keep our charges as low as they are.

    We do, however, try to answer all email support questions within as short a time as possible.

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  • Tech support: Do you offer telephone technical support?

    For a true emergency call 323-782-4985. However, it's not easy to reach us by phone and we find that Email technical support is much more effective.

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